On USS, UCU, pensions, inflation, and higher education (including impact of Covid)

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A huge thanks to our students in the @lsesu for their overwhelming support of @LSE_UCU staff who will be going on strike.

In @ucu’s dispute letter to @USSEmployers VCs👇, we noted that, if the UUK cuts go through, a typical academic, aged 37, would experience a 35% cut in the…

Why I didn’t — and Nir Eyal thought I should — sign the open letter calling for this

Yesterday, 1 Day Sooner posted this Open Letter calling for human challenge vaccine trials for Covid-19. As they describe such trials:

Human challenge trials deliberately expose participants to infection, in order to study diseases and test vaccines or treatments. They have been used for influenza, malaria, typhoid, dengue fever, and…

Michael Otsuka

Professor of Philosophy, LSE & Rutgers. On UCU national negotiating team for USS pensions.

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