How much of a challenge it will be to improve on the current USS valuation

Annotated links to some relatively non-technical Twitter threads

USS is now consulting with employers on a new valuation. See this briefing note from UCU and this employer webpage for more details. Below are annotated links to some relatively non-technical Twitter threads, in which I try to convey a sense of how welcome this new valuation should be for scheme members and the prospects of improving on it.

1. A thread on how difficult it will be for UUK and UCU to reach a settlement on the basis of this valuation:

2. In this long Twitter thread, in dialogue with others, I spell out how difficult I think it would be to achieve No Detriment via strikes:

This thread ends with the following tweet:

And see also this tweet and the two below it (which fork off the same thread):

3. On the 15th of January, UUK posted a note written by their actuary Aon. Below is a somewhat more technical tweet thread on that. Even if you haven’t followed the technical details, it might be worth reading this thread and skimming over these details, since the Aon paper provides the most up-to-date public information we have, regarding the prospects of improvement of the valuation:

4. See this thread for why I find Aon’s approach more sensible than the stance of one of UCU’s negotiators:

See here for Sam Marsh’s response and my rejoinder:

5. Here is a new post on Medium, which boils down much of the above:

6. For anyone who wants to explore any of the above in more detail, here’s a link to an index of all of my tweet threads, including the more technical ones:

7. From time to time, I also post longer blogs on the valuation. Click here and scroll down:

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